Chefs’ Packages

Our Celebrity Chefs have planning their special culinary packages
for you to bid on. Each one unique and delicious. . . 
Let the magic begin!


Chef Cameron Handler – Central Market – 11th year

Estimated Value: $1600
An amusement park for food lovers, with new sights, smells, and tastes from the fresh coffees, just-baked breads, assortment of cheeses, racks of wines, and peak-of-season produce. Central Market’s appetite for the freshest products knows no bounds, and its commitment to customer service is unrivaled.
Winning Bidder Will Receive: Dinner for 8-10 at the Central Market Cooking School hosted by Chef Cameron. Come enjoy Central Market’s unmatched selection of specialty foods as Chef Cameron guides your menu choices for a five (5) course meal, and consults on wine selection. You and your guests can choose an interactive classroom experience or sit back and enjoy while Chef Cameron prepares your favorite dishes. (Alcohol sold separately. Blackout dates apply.)


Chef Susan Clark – Sweet Memories – 10th year

Estimated Value: $1300
One-of-a-kind custom cakes and confections, creative catering, radiant floral arrangements, and attentive, personalized, individual service makes a memorable event.
Winning Bidder Will Receive: Enjoy a personalized dinner, with wine, for ten (10) in your home, lake house, or other venue. A menu created especially for you and your guests also includes fine china, table linens, and wait staff. The evening will begin with passed hors d’oeuvres and wine. Then enjoy your personalized dinner, with wine, and close with a dessert medley. (Blackout dates: the months of November and December, 2017.)


Chef Chris Wilson – Market Street – 10th year

Estimated Value: $5,000
A unique, one-stop shopping experience that combines shoppers’ everyday grocery needs with the gourmet and specialty items, whole-health products, and freshly prepared foods they crave.
Winning Bidder Will Receive: A custom five (5) course meal for twelve (12), with wine, in the luxury of your own home. Staff included.


Chef Jon Bonnell – Bonnell’s Restaurant Group – 8th year

Estimated Value: Priceless
Hailed for their highest food rating in Texas by the Zagat Survey of Texas  Restaurants, Chef Jon goes to great lengths to provide a unique and memorable experience by serving certified Texas organic beef, wild game specialties, and fresh Gulf seafood infused with Southwestern, Creole, and Mexican influences.
Winning Bidder Will Receive: Dinner for six (6) at Waters Bonnell’s Coastal Cuisine, with proprietary wines. The restaurant is relocating to Sundance Square in Fort Worth, and anticipates opening in Feb. 2017. (Please allow a minimum of two weeks notice when scheduling.)


Chef Todd Phillips – J.R.’s Steak & Grill – 8th year

Estimated Value: $650
J.R.’s combination of modern class with an upscale sports theme will definitely  put you in the right mood. The excellent world class wine cellar adds to the elegant atmosphere, while the bar area gives a sporty feel with flat screen TVs for all the big games. Whether fans are coming to happy hour or to enjoy a sophisticated dinner, Johnny’s place is sure to satisfy the taste buds.
Winning Bidder Will Receive: Four (4) course dinner for six (6) at J.R.’s Steak and Grill. Chef Todd will prepare a special menu for your guests. (Alcohol not included.)


Chef Donatella Trotti – Nonna Tata – 7th year

Estimated Value: $1800
Named for her Italian grandmother, this hard-to-get-into charming gem delivers the “real deal” Northern Italian creations.
Winning Bidder Will Receive: An intimate dinner for twelve (12) at Nonna Tata. Includes six (6) course Italian feast of handmade delicacies from the kitchen of Fort Worth Chef Donatella Trotti. Keep your guest list confidential – those not invited will never forgive you! (Wine not included. Date subject to availability.)


Chef Jason Harper – Trio New American – 6th year

Estimated Value: $800
A passion for the freshest local and seasonal ingredients with global and classic influences dished up in a relaxed style providing the perfect location to linger for an evening of fabulous food, special occasions, or to share dessert and coffee.
Winning Bidder Will Receive: Six (6) course chef’s tasting for eight (8) people at Trio New American Café. (BYOB. Date subject to chef’s availability.)


Chef Siegfried Schafner – Hurst Conference Center – 5th year

Estimated Value: $2000
A state-of-the-art facility that has extensive event space, a premier executive boardroom, and an outdoor area with cozy fireplaces and a relaxing water feature.
Winning Bidder Will Receive: A two (2) hour cocktail reception for up to twenty (20) people. Live music, food, and libations will be provided. (Available Sunday – Thursday. Expires 12/31/17.)


Chef Andrew Huszar – Tastefully Yours – 5th year

Estimated Value: $2,000
Creating food with an impact and building flavors that will dance on your taste buds, leaving you with lasting impressions of a truly unique culinary experience.
Winning Bidder Will Receive: Entertain twelve (12) couples in the comfort of your home with Chef Andrew’s tastefully created hors d’oeuvres. Chef, server, and bartender included. (Alcohol not included. Blackout dates: month of December and all national holidays.)


Chef Deb Cantrell – Savor Culinary Services – 5th year

Estimated Value: $1275
Savor Culinary Services is a personal and private chef company with a focus on special dietary needs and boutique catering services.
Winning Bidder Will Receive: During the course of one year, your $1275 gift certificate allows you to choose 3 different weeks in which to have five (5) meals delivered to your home for that week. Each meal serves two (2) people and consists of an entrée and two (2) side dishes. These meals are professionally prepared by the Savor Chef with input from you. All five (5) meals for the week will be delivered to your home at the same time.
(Alcohol not included. Expires 1/22/18.)


Chef Janet Capua – Z’s Café – 5th year

Estimated Value: $1200
Their motto of “Food, Family and Friends” is at the heart of their philosophy.
Winning Bidder will select from two options:
1) A three (3) course dinner for eight (8), with wine, delivered to bidder’s home;
2) $1200 credit in catering to be picked up by bidder at the Café during regular business hours. Wine is not included with this option. (Blackout dates: Feb. 10-15, 2017.)


Chef Gabe Valdez – Marcona Kitchen – 2nd year

Estimated Value: $800
Marcona Kitchen is a boutique caterer that cooks great food using real ingredients. Every event is carefully crafted to make your experience unique and memorable.
Winning Bidder Will Receive: Chef Gabe will create a custom three (3) course menu for up to six (6) guests to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, with server.
(Alcohol not included. Expires 1/22/18. Date subject to availability.)


Chef Norman Grimm – Great Scott Restaurant – 1st year

Estimated Value: $1000
Great Scott’s motto is “Praise the PIG.” The restaurant is a meatery offering charcuterie cuisine, unique wines, classic cocktails, and local craft beers. The chef uses pasture-raised, Heritage breed animals to ensure the highest possible quality.
Winning Bidder Will Receive: Four (4) people can experience a salumi butchering class. From “whole hog” to sausage casings, in our kitchen under the direction of Chef Norman and owner Matthew Scott. Enjoy light refreshments afterwards. Guests will have the sausage named after them once it is aged and released to the public. (One month notice required; prefer Saturday or Sunday.)

1. There will be no embellishments or duplication of any live auction items
unless pre-approved by chef.

2. Live auction packages cannot be altered once purchased.

3. Gratuity is NOT included in purchase price.

4. Please be considerate of our chefs and BOOK EARLY to insure availability.