Chef Andrew Huszar

6th year

Tastefully Yours
1959 W Southlake Blvd

Andrew Huszar, born in Melbourne, Australia, was visiting the U.S. on a catering job for an attorney for the Chicago White Sox, and was promptly offered a job as executive chef of Va Pensiero, a restaurant in Evanston, IL. The offer has kept Chef Huszar in the United States ever since.

Chef Huszar’s training started in Melbourne with a four year culinary degree from William Angliss and subsequent training at the CIA in Hyde Park, New York. Chef Huszar opened the renowned Le Coq Au Vin restaurant in Chicago and had the opportunity to cater for local and visiting celebrities including, Oprah, Princess Diana and Michael Jordan.

On Chef Huszar’s internationally influenced catering menu, Andrew chooses fresh, local ingredients when available. He and his wife provide tastings and top-quality service customized for each client. Chef Huszar’s remarkable palate is unsurpassed and his culinary passion unyielding.